18" - Deluxe 10pc Clip in Set, #18 Butterscotch- 170 grams!

#18 Butterscotch.
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Price $165.99

If you need to find the length you need, use a measuring tape, and start in the middle of the back of your head. Bring the measuring tape down your back (or on your side) until you reach your desired length.



 Set Includes:

 Triple Weft = 1 piece - 3 wefts sewn onto 1 strip - (4 clips) Triple Wefted.

 (2 clip wefts) = 5 pieces - Double wefted

 (3 clip wefts) = 2 pieces - Double wefted

 (1 clip wefts) = 2 pieces - Double wefted

 Total pieces per set: 10

 Total weight = 170 grams

 Length = 18 inches long



Every extensions purchase will now include 1 FREE Hair Hanger, and 1 FREE Storage Bag!


Our 10 piece Extension Sets

All of our clip in hair extensions are made with the highest quality, Remy Human Hair. Our Clip in hair sets are specially designed for blending, and include 10 pieces.  Our Triple Weft is our thicker piece, (3 wefts sewn onto one strip), and is mainly for adding volume to the back of your hair.  9 double wefted  pieces are also included for blending.  Rather than having 7 or 8 single wefts like other companies, we spread the hair throughout 10 wefts.  This will work best for blending through your hair, and gives you the most natural look possible.  We carry the most amount of grams you can find in any set- per length, and at the best price.  Our 10 piece collection is designed to give you the best possible solution for blending your extensions evenly throughout your natural hair.

**We highly suggest reading our Style Guide before using our clip in extensions. Not every brand will have the same guidelines.

Why the Clip in Method?

Clip in hair extensions are the best way to wear extensions.  With clip in hair extensions, you can remove your long hair any time you wish, without any damage to your natural locks. The convenience of clip in hair extensions has become one of the fastest growing trends in fashion.  You can change your color, add highlights or low-lights, and change the style of your hair in under 5 minutes!  Our clip in extensions are discreet, and blend seamlessly with your own hair. Our color matching system allows you to choose a color, even if it is 1 to 2 shades off. Our colors blend with a sort-of “chameleon affect”. The extension’s color will usually blend within 1 to 2 shades of your natural color. Our award-winning clips are just the right size for comfort, and are always discreet. No one will know you are wearing extensions, when applied properly. Each clip has a silicone- coated strip which provides comfort, and a non-slip resistance for maximum hold. Unlike Fusion, glue-in, or tape extensions, your own hair will always remain unharmed, and in its natural state. While wearing your clip in extensions, you can confidently grow your natural hair, the way it was intended. Only now, you can have long, luxurious hair in the meantime!


Natural Ends:  This option is for those who desire a more "natural" cut of the ends. Our stylists cut into the ends of the hair vertically (up/down), similar to the process done by your stylist.  Our stylists will cut into the hair, giving the ends a slightly uneven, and "naturally grown" appearance.  For most, this will make the ends of the extensions blend better with their natural hair.

Straight Ends:  This is our "customizable" option.  The ends of the hair will be "bluntly" cut horizontally, and the ends of the hair will lie in a horizontal straight line. This option is for those who wish to have their extensions cut by a stylist to fit their needs.  This option is also for those that have a "straight" ends hairstyle, with their natural hair. The horizontal line is very straight, and un-natural - looking. Some may have this hairstyle already, or would like their stylist to adjust the extensions to match their natural hair. Choosing the straight ends gives your stylist more options for cutting and shaping.

Everyone's hair is different, and may wear the extensions in different ways.  We try to make it as versatile and customizable as possible for you. If you are unfamiliar with clip in extensions, just practice and you will be a pro in no time!

*You may choose either option, and have them adjusted by your own stylist.